There is a stark imbalance in the world of communication
unrestricted by age or gender. It is divided
by those who communicate with emotions
and those who communicate with reason.
I do not claim to know which – if either – is the right or wrong method,
only that there are times when one is the most appropriate.

The act of feeling is not right or wrong in-and-of itself,
but what you do with that feeling can become your very definition.

Understanding the social cues takes a tact
so lacking in the ignorant and unpracticed,
they cannot begin to fathom how others perceive them.
If societal awareness is the key, our process
of internalization is most certainly the door. There are those who spend days and weeks
ceaselessly thinking
and analyzing
and calculating. Their door has been built with many locks, the hinges have rusted shut.
Others do not have a process.
Their door has no lock, no handle. It’s hinges are broken,
it swings open at the weakest draft.


One thought on “Communication

  1. I really like this entry, Justin….especially the second part. I only encourage you to avoid this tendency to divide things into categories…even categories of opposition. I wonder why we cannot see that it is not a question of either…or but a wonder of both…and? We keep getting hung up on the horns of a dilemma when, I believe, it is neither but somewhere in between.

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